The Piggy Market: Ravi Shanghavi’s Favourite Deli in Ottawa

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa loves The Piggy Market, a delicatessen and butchers offering the region’s finest specialities. Find out why Ravi loves this local food purveyor so much by reading on…

This artisanal deli is located at 400 Winston Avenue in Ottawa, just off Richmond Road, the main strip of shops, restaurants, and cafes in Westboro Village. The Piggy Market, alongside being a delicatessen and butchers, has an ever-changing lunch menu, showcasing Westboro’s vibrant culinary scene.

The Piggy Market, Ottawa

It’s a great place to stop by for lunch, I love the Piggy Market Club – Rotisserie Chicken, Double SmokedBacon, Chipotle Mayo, Arugula and Tomato. There’s also a bakery with an excellent selection of pastries, pies, and bread.

There are daily dinner menus, shared on their Twitter feed. The Piggy Market also offers take-home dinners, which are frozen and ready to re-heat at home. I find these really useful for when I’m in a rush and need to carry on working on a project at the office or at home: the life of Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa can get busy sometimes!

Another great thing about this spot is that they offer food education, through tasting workshops and special events, including sausage-making classes.

Come for the artisanal, local produce; stay for a bite to eat!

I hope you love this place as much as I do,

– Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

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