I just discovered the coziest place to hang out in Ottawa!

Clock Tower Pub Westboro Interior

Elegantly situated in the heart of Westboro, the Clock Tower pub is the perfect spot for a good night out. The atmosphere is spacious and well ventilated, because of the intelligent structure which they have implemented. It could easily be mistaken for a nice restaurant, the reason being the number of options available on the menu. Not only are there many items available, but the items are nothing like the kind found in similar pubs. A couple of items for which the Clock Tower pub is well-known for are, “chips and dip” and “ginger wings” as the sweet and spice of them is in equilibrium, leading to a unique flavour that cannot be found elsewhere.

“Excellent quality food and service here. I had the sandwich of the day (crispy chicken wrap at the time) with fries for lunch. I am so pleased with the service and food. I would recommend this to absolutely everyone.”

writes Leah, giving a 5-star Yelp rating in his review. Mimi, an elite member on Yelp rated 5-star,

“Better quality imo than the other locations! I tried the crispy chicken wrap and the fish and chips. The chicken was very crispy and yummy. I got a pitcher of the raspberry beer to share which was delicious.”

Opening hours are 11:30 AM to 12:00 AM, I’m yet to find it closed. The price range is a “$$” on Yelp.  They have fantastic servers, who are exceptional at multitasking, so you can be sure you’ll have a comfortable evening. Also, all the servers have an incredible sense of humour, go ahead and get to know them, it really makes the evening special. The Clock Tower pub has now expanded it’s operations into a total of seven locations, which are, “Glebe“, “Westboro“, “Byward market“, “New Edinburgh“, “Elgin street“, “Orleans“, and a recent addition in “Rideau“.

Clock Tower Pub Westboro Lunch

My experiences here couldn’t have possibly been any better. Give this place a chance, and I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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