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The first cafe recommendation by Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa is Chez Francois, a cosy French outfit with great staff. Read on to find out why this is one of Ravi’s favourite places to grab a coffee and a bite to eat…

Located at 427 Richmond Road, this quirky French cafe is perfectly situated in the Westboro neighbourhood, alongside other fine eateries and shops. When you first head in to Chez Francois, you’ll be hit with the aromas of France, and you’ll be fascinated by the painstakingly curated ornaments and table-dressing. I’m sure you’ll then be impressed by the staff, who are always attentive and friendly.

On the menu are fresh French pastries, such as croissants, pain aux raisins and pain au chocolat. Pair these with their handcrafted coffees, and you have the perfect place for a coffee and a sweet treat. If you’re after a proper breakfast, this is also the place to go, as they do great eggs Benedicts, and other delicious breakfast specials.

Chez Francois Breakfast Menu
Chez Francois’ Breakfast Menu

I also enjoy going here for lunch; there are always great specials, or if you’re after something more classic they do great baguettes, using the freshest bread of course.

During your visit, you can browse delicacies from the Provence, including wines. I love to take home some preserves and chocolates, as they make great gifts (if you can resist the temptation to eat them yourself!).

Get a taste of France in this Parisian-feel cafe, in the heart of Westboro Village!

I hope you enjoy this cafe as much as I do, stay tuned for more recommendations from Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa. Follow Chez Francois on Facebook for their latest menu updates and events.


– Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

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