Why Score Pizza’s customizable experience will leave you wanting more

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If you are craving for a bit more freedom when skimming across a menu, then you should look no further than Score Pizza. Score Pizza is renowned for it’s “build your own” pizza, which allows you to have a personalized experience, there’s only yourself to blame if it’s a bad pizza. Score Pizza could not have been located in a better spot, since the surrounding area is usually quiet, and in my opinion, it’s one of the safest areas in Ottawa.

Score Pizza Interior


“Great place to go for lunch or to treat some one with unpredictable food preferences. The “build your own” pizza is definitely the best option, as you can put any amount of toppings including meats, cheeses and vegetables.”

writes Daniel, giving a 5-star Yelp rating in his review. Christina, an elite member on Yelp rated it 5-star and wrote,

“This is my kind of pizza place: friendly service, good pricing and on top of that, you can have beer or wine with your pizza. Sometimes you just don’t want to go into a big imposing bar by yourself but you want a little buzz on a sunny Saturday afternoon. P.S. we need a place like this in Toronto!!”

Score Pizza has an overall rating of 4.5 on Google, consisting of almost 200 reviews.

Opening hours are 11 AM to 10 PM. Although Score Pizza’s potential is yet to be completely fulfilled, it is showing signs of becoming a future top contender, one which is able to compete with the best Ottawa has to offer. It’s already won my heart. The interior design is yet another demonstration of Score Pizza’s potential, they’ve chosen to give it a retro feel, whilst retaining  some modern elements. I think their progress will most likely depend on if they can master marketing their business. The custom pizza option, at least in my opinion should be advertised more.

In summary, visit Score Pizza to see what other pizza restaurants need to start doing different.

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