Why Wellington Diner still remains the undisputed champion of all diners in Ottawa

The standout quality, that makes a diner shine over the intense competition, is a mixture which consists of a few important traits. Some of these important factors are: a relaxing atmosphere, a quality menu, an efficient workforce and most importantly, good customer service. Unsurprisingly, Wellington diner easily fits this profile, as it is well know throughout Ottawa for “ticking all the boxes” in terms of its offerings. It is also renowned for its traditional breakfast, since it perfects your morning and increases your productivity for the day. (We don’t know exactly what in this breakfast that makes it so special, but the diner passed its inspection with flying colours, so we’re happy for it to remain a secret.)

Wellington Diner Ottawa Food Plate

“Ordered a traditional bfast and received the food in literally 2 minutes (!!!). Food was great, atmosphere is pretty good for Sat morning with 80’s songs in the background. service was good. Decision made – I’ll be a regular.”

writes Yaniv, giving a 5-star Yelp rating in his review. Dawn, an elite member on Yelp rated it 5-stars and wrote,

“Great atmosphere with a controlled chaos vibe. Lots going on everywhere including on the walls. We were there for breakfast and it was fabulous. Everyone enjoyed what they ordered. Staff were super! Would I return?  Yes Would I recommend? Yes”

The Wellington diner also has an impressive average rating of 4.3 on Google.

Wellington diner opens at 7 AM and serves till 9 PM. The price range is a “$$$” Yelp sign, which is still reasonable when you consider the impeccable, all round service quality they offer. The retro decoration is apparent, as it throws you back a couple of decades. It’s a nice touch. Wellington diner’s comforting atmosphere and superior design, is a special combination that makes your visit here, a journey that you will do again and again.

For me, Wellington diner is one of the best diners in Ottawa. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve visited. Unlike a few places I’ve visited recently, the quality isn’t going down, for now anyway.

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