Why “Pure Gelato” is an upgrade on your traditional Ice Cream spot

Pure Gelato Selection

Gelato, as a word, has lost its original definition of just being the Italian translation of “ice cream”, and now, it stands independent on many menus. The widely celebrated gelato is much lower in fat than a traditional ice cream is, this is the result of the strict utilization of cream, luckily the taste isn’t sacrificed in this process. Another advantage of a gelato over an ice cream, is the incorporation of less air, which results an increase of the volume, this is because it is churned at a slower rate than standard ice cream. All of these developments aimed at targeting obesity, are nowhere more evident than at Pure Gelato.

Pure Gelato Interior Photo

“Always a pleasure to go for a gelato. Love the Amaretto, pistachio, ferrero rocher, nociolla flavors are my favs. Their crepes are also really delicious. Comfort food right here! The one in the market has moved in the Glebe, at fifth street”

writes Edith, giving a 5-star Yelp rating in her review. Salim, an elite member on Yelp rated it 5-stars and wrote,

“Nice creaminess with correct amount of sugar. They don’t skimp on quantities and even a small is good size. The cappuccino was a five star. Would return to Ottawa just for Pure Gelato!!”

Pure Gelato has an impressive average rating of 4.5 on Google, which consists of over 300 reviews.

Opening hours are 11 AM to 11 PM. The price range is a “$$” Yelp sign, which is considered moderate. Pure Gelato has a variety of chocolate flavors, endless fruit options and even some spicy frozen flavors. They also serve frozen yogurt, coffee, tea and a variety of deserts. Their staff are known to be jaw-droppingly fast, whilst they are still able to give great customer service.

You should definitely give Pure Gelato a chance if you have not tried a gelato yet. Trust me, you are a little step away from replacing your desire for an ice cream, with a gelato.

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